U-Pick Information

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 We’re finished U-Picking for this season. We’ll grow more and have U-Picking again in the Fall of 2023. Thank you for a fruitful season!

We LOVE having you here at Dooley Groves and Welcome you to our Enchanted Grove!
We love seeing you, talking to new friends from all over and knowing that you and
your family and friends will enjoy the citrus fruits of our labor.

This Grove was planted in 2010 through 2015, with 10 different and rare varieties of citrus, all for U-Picking. Honeybells are ripe and ready in January through early-Spring. In late-February-March, we’ll start u-picking  Ortaniques.

Homegrown Honeybells

We’ve tried to answer the most common questions we get about U-Picking at Dooley Groves below.

 We know our way around the Grove. Since there are about ten different citrus varieties available throughout the season, we provide Grove Guides to lead you to the best place to pick your variety and show you just how to pick that perfect fruit. Please follow all directions your Grove Guide gives you for your own safety and that of your family. U-Pick signs leading to the variety you are to pick are out in the grove. Please follow the signs. STAY where you are told to go, since tractors are out in the grove and other workers. This is a WORKING Farm.

Feel free to take as many pictures as you like! The Guide may also take photos of your experience, if you like, your camera or ours. We post our photos on Facebook or our website, so you can see and share your fresh-picked fun with others!

It is recommended that you wear long pants and enclosed shoes, since you will be out in a real grove and sometimes, the grass is a bit tall.

The trees are loaded with fruit from about 6 feet down to the ground. No trees are over 10 feet tall and we don’t want you to climb on the tree or a ladder. Our pickers will get to the tops later… We offer Picking Poles to be used ONLY BY ADULTS. See Grove Guide for a Picking Pole.lukastreesize

Generally, U-Pick is offered from 10 am through 4 pm from December through April, rain or shine, or while the varieties last.

 We will go U-Picking rain or shine,  if the rain is light and there is no lightning or severe weather in the area. Safety first- ALWAYS. We offer rain ponchos at a nominal cost and have umbrellas for you to use.


We provide baskets and clippers (for some citrus varieties) Parents and Grandparents: Clippers can be dangerous. Please do not give clippers to children unless they are under direct parental supervision. The clippers are for adults and children over 10 years of age, accompanied by a parent. The clippers are the parents’ responsibility. We will show you the correct way to clip a piece of fruit from the tree. (We’ll demonstrate the SAFE use of the clippers) You don’t want to leave long stems on the fruit as it will puncture others. You also don’t want to just pull the fruit off the tree. If you pull the fruit, you may end up with a hole in the stem end that we call a Plug. You don’t want that. If the fruit is plugged, it may spoil faster than normal. These clippers are to be RETURNED to your Grove Guide upon completion.

Don’t choose green looking fruit. Citrus fruit will NOT color up or ripen up once they’re picked. You might want to remove your sunglasses do you can see the fruit color better.

WJoewagonRohinie have wagons and carts you can borrow and use to carry your U-Pickins from the Grove. Children cannot ride in our wagons and carts. You may bring your own wagon or stroller out in the Grove.

Backpacks and large purses are not allowed in the grove.

Once you’ve picked, walk back to the Market with your U-Pickins’ after you are done. Just follow the Exit signs and arrows posted, back to the Packinghouse, where your fruit will be bagged and weighed.

Sometimes, it’s a bit of a walk. We have a few chairs out in the grove, in case you need to rest a bit.


Sorry, No pets are allowed in the Market or Grove due to health and safety regulations.

To make this a fun PapaandKids& educational experience for all, we ask that you please watch, maintain & control your children. Remind them that this is a real working farm. Everyone wants to have a good time.

Please be careful when walking in our Groves. Our trees are fragile and need to be treated with respect. We ask that you do not cross over any rows, as you could damage the trees. We don’t want you leaving any fruit on the ground that you picked and please don’t cut the branches of the tree. All leaves have to stay out in the grove.
Please do not leave anything out in the Grove, such as trash or unwanted fruit. Wild animals live there, too and something left behind could possibly hurt an innocent animal.

Please do not pick the Orange Blossoms. It will decrease production. This is next year’s crop. Enjoy the rich aroma to your heart’s content! Take all the photos you like! Remember, bees like the scent, too!

Pick as many or as few as you like. YOU MUST PAY FOR WHAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY PICK! When yotwoHoneybellsu finish U-Picking, please stop at the green bins near the ramp in the Packinghouse and bag your fruit and it will be weighed for you at the register, inside the Market.


Please be aware and keep well away from tractors and farm machinery. We are a working farm and our machines are active continuously throughout the day. No climbing on any farm equipment, not even for pictures.

Please do not bring any valuables or purses out to U-Pick. Dooley Groves will not be responsible for loss of any item.
Please be kind and courteous to your fellow visitors and our Guides. Please listen to the members of our staff and know that they are working very hard to make sure your time at the farm is a safe and memorable one. We want everyone entering our Enchanted Grove to have fresh-picked FUN at Dooley Groves!

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Important  U-Pick Information

We want everyone to have a fun and safe time at Dooley Groves.
Seriously, we are a WORKING FARM and MANY HAZZARDS
exist that could hurt your children!

For their safety, parents keep children at your side
at all times and listen to the Grove Guides.

Your Grove Guide knows their way around and will bring you out to our grove and show you where to pick. Please stay in the picking area that your Grove Guide puts you in, since many days there are employees working in other areas of the grove with machinery and they’re NOT looking for you and we don’t want you to get hurt, being where you don’t belong.

Due to insurance regulations, Dooley Groves Wagons are for FRUIT only. Children are NOT permitted to ride in our wagons.

Dooley Groves reserves the right to inspect returning wagons,
strollers and any other item.

Backpacks or large bags/ large purses are
NOT allowed out in the grove.

Please do not bring any valuables or purses out to U-Pick.
Dooley Groves will not be responsible for loss of any item.

Children must be with a parent at all times.
NO Clippers for Children without direct Parental Supervision.
Sorry… NO pets.

Please return the Clippers to Your Grove Guide when you
are finished U-Picking.
You will be charged $10 for unreturned/lost clippers.

Do Not eat the fruit directly off the tree while out in the grove.
All U-Picked fruit needs to be washed off first, before eating. Picnics are not appropriate while out in the Grove. There are picnic areas close by, but the Grove is NOT a park- it is a WORKING farm.

All U-Pick sales are final. Pick only what you intend on paying for.
You will be charged for all fruit picked.

U-Picked fruit cannot be mailed out of state.
It is against Federal law.

The U-Pick Grove CLOSES each day at 4PM. The last group will go out to pick by 3:50pm and be back by 4:20pm, as we have daily maintenance to do out in the Grove, to keep it healthy and grow the best fruit we can.