Citrus Calendar

Our Citrus Season… What’s Available When?…

Our citrus season starts out with Fall and Holiday Tangerines and Navels for Thanksgiving and Christmas enjoyment.
Sweet and juicy, Navels have been a longtime Holiday Tradition.
And this season, we’ll have Sweet Season Tangerines and
golden Navel Oranges through the Spring!
Sugarbelle specialty packs will be available for a limited time in December.
Ring in the New Year with Honeybells. Early in January, Honeybell Tangelos will be ripe and ready to enjoy.
They’ll be pleasing your freezin’ friends.

Springtime brings fragrant and sweet easy-peeling  Temple Oranges and Spring Tangelos make the best tasting Orange Juice, too!
Ruby Red Grapefruit complements the oranges all season long!