About Us

Timeless tastes… good old-fashioned value and quality, simple and pure… that’s what Dooley Groves is all about

rown Honeybells on the treeWhen you order gifts of Florida Citrus fruit from Dooley Groves, only the best fruit of the season is ever hand-packed. For over 55 years, we’ve been packing and shipping the BEST fruit Florida has to offer. We pride ourselves on this tradition to keep you coming back for more.

Grandma Dooley started sharing her delicious fruit with neighbors and friends in the 1960’s. She built the business the “old fashioned” way… family-run, turning customers into friends, and supplying the BEST citrus in the world for three generations.

And we GUARANTEE your fruit gifts will arrive fresh and good. Our Citrus is at its best for a limited time after harvest. Once picked, it is quickly rushed to its destination to retain its full rich flavor, freshness and your constant satisfaction.

We put our good family name on each and every box we ship.

From our family to yours, guaranteed fresh and good!