Frequently Asked Questions

How much fruit is in a tray?
Most ALL Fruit packs are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4-tray sizes. A tray packed with all Oranges contains about 12 – 15 pieces, depending on variety. A tray packed with all Grapefruit contains about 8 – 10 pieces. A tray packed MIXED Oranges and Grapefruit contains about 3 – 6 Grapefruit and about 6 -8 Oranges, depending on the variety. It all depends on the variety and Mother Nature. Some years, the fruit is larger and some years, it’s smaller.

Shipping charges to USA
*+S/H Shipping charges are determined by the size of the package and its final destination. To assure proper postage and continued handling with Tender Dooley Care, shipping charges to the United States (not including Hawaii or Alaska)

Sampler Size Box (up to 6 lbs) $16.00
1-Tray Size (up to 10 lbs)  $18.00
2-Tray Size (up to 20 lbs) $20.00
3-Tray Size (up to 30 lbs) $22.00
4-Tray Size (above 31 lbs+) $24.00

ADD $5.00 to above shipping charges if sent exclusively by FEDEX.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only ship ALL FRUIT packages to Texas, Arizona and California. NO Deluxe items.

Canadian Shipping- ADD an additional $10.00 to the above Shipping Charges

When is the first shipment of the season?
The shipping season starts just before Thanksgiving with Navel Oranges, followed by Tangerines throughout the Holidays. Honeybells ship generally in mid-January, Temple Oranges and Spring Tangelos are ripe in early-Spring. Red Grapefruit is also available throughout the Citrus Season. And this season, we’ll have Sweet Season Tangerines and golden Navel Oranges through Spring!

Thanksgiving gift orders must reach us by November 14th.  Hanukkaah order deadline is December 5th and Christmas gift order cutoff is December 12th. Packages generally are shipped when the variety is ripe.

How is the fruit shipped?
The fruit is hand-picked and washed, waxed and hand-packed within 24 hours of its departure date and travels on temperature-controlled trucks to the closest major metropolitan area in the USA. Final delivery is generally made by FEDEX SMARTPOST, a partnership of the US Postal Service and Fedex. This way, the local Postal Worker delivers the package to your home and will leave a yellow delivery card, if you’re not at home when first attempted. The package will NOT sit outside in freezing weather or be a target for theft. Generally, it takes 5-7 days after the ship date, a bit longer to Western US and Canada.

I found out my Recipient will not be in town! Now what?
IMPORTANT! If you find that you’ve given the WRONG ADDRESS or your Gift Recipient WILL NOT be in town at the time of delivery, call (813) 645-3256 immediately, so we can either STOP OR REROUTE delivery to another address. Sorry, we cannot change or reroute packages within 48 hours of ship date. Please be sure of the address, since packages are NOT REPLACEABLE if due to a wrong address given by the Buyer or if the Recipient is out of town at time of first delivery attempt.Remember… Perishable gifts are NOT forwardable, so be sure that the Recipient will be in town at time of first delivery. If the variety of fruit ordered is NOT available at time of shipment, Dooley Groves will substitute with the BEST available variety of the Season.

I’ve ordered before. Can I get a printout of who I ordered to last year?
Yes, just call 813-645-3256 and give us your name or VIP number and we’ll send you your Gift List.

When is my credit card charged?
Payment is made at the time the order is placed. Credit card orders are processed on the date the order is received. Charges may appear on your credit card statement before your fruit is shipped.

When will my package arrive?
Packages generally are shipped when the variety ordered is ripe and during the week of the REQUESTED SHIP DATE, to arrive the following week.

When is the guaranteed delivery Christmas order cutoff date?
At Christmastime, we ship every day and your gift will be on the next available truck going to the Recipient’s region of the USA, based on Zip Code, and arrive fresh and good by Christmas Day or before. Orders must reach us by December 12th to arrive fresh and good by Christmas. Call and we’ll be glad to help. With so many other businesses shipping at Christmastime, adding their packages to the already saturated mailstream of USPS, FEDEX and UPS, these Parcel Companies are stating that delays may occur as the Holiday draws nearer. With that in mind, Dooley Groves has made the decision to discontinue shipping orders for Christmas after Monday, December 12th at 4pm.

Orders placed on or after Dec 13th-15th will be shipped on the next available truck and though it may not arrive in time for Christmas, the package will arrive shortly thereafter. A Gift Card will be sent to these Gift Recipients, telling of an upcoming Gift from you, arriving soon! We will continue to take orders for shipment in early January, when HOPEFULLY, the backlog of shipping has been calmed.

Where’s my package?
At Christmastime, so many packages are being shipped all over every day and we also have to factor in the fruit conditions along with weather, north of Florida. Sometimes packages must be held a bit, to accommodate for weather in the traveling route or supply chain issues. But fear not- your packages will get there, guaranteed fresh and good! Please DO NOT call to inquire about an order at Christmastime until it is AT LEAST 14 DAYS PAST the requested SHIP DATE listed on your receipt and you have already contacted the Recipient. So many times, the package has already been delivered.

What if there’s a problem?
If we ever disappoint you, please let us know… we’re only human and citrus fruit is a perishable product.
We will replace any citrus to your RECIPIENT if they are not satisfied due to spoilage upon delivery to a FEDEX/USPS verified address. Please have the RECIPIENT contact us WITHIN 7 DAYS OF PACKAGE RECEIPT if there is a problem with the delivery of their fruit, so satisfactory alternate arrangements can be made. Please DO NOT call to inquire about an order at Christmastime until it is AT LEAST 14 DAYS PAST the requested SHIP DATE listed on your receipt and you have already contacted the Recipient. 

Other Questions? Just call or e-mail. Contact us here

How should I care for the fruit I received?
Open the box and take all the fruit out. Wipe the fruit if it’s moist. Keep the fruit in a cool area or refrigerator, if you have the room. Otherwise, a cool, dry area is good. (Not outside)  Do not store wrapped in a plastic bag, where it will sweat and spoil faster than normal. Generally, your fruit gift should last one to six weeks, depending on just how fast you eat it all up! The outer skin may start to become “leathery” after a while, and it’s still quite good on the inside. Florida fruit can have scars on the outside. These are not bruises. They are naturally occurring marks, caused during the growing season by wind, and tree limbs. And sometimes, Florida fruit looks a bit green. This is also normal. Florida fruit needs cool days and very cool nights in the Fall each season, to help it color up. Kinda hard some seasons when the temperature is sometimes still in the 80’s on Thanksgiving day! As the season progresses and we get closer to to Christmas, the fruit turns its beautiful orange color. Mother Nature is great!